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I have stopped writing in my live journal for about a year now. Since then I moved in with steve and we where in love waiting for the matching cars and dogs. Until about 2 weeks ago. Everything was great our own apartment both of us had great jobs. I bought a new car and was madly in love with the man that I talked about so much in my lj. about two weeks ago we had a falling apart. remember when I didnt want to give my heart to someone that could break it. well that is exactly what happened. He told me that he has fallen out of love with me... WELL at least that is what he said. I was suspicios of this girl that was always texting him. A girl that he useto work with. She now goes to the same college as him, and he saw her all the time. Well away goes me and right in comes her. SO I moved back home to hell on earth. didnt think that could ever happen and now my life has fallen apart. I cant talk to him and all I can think of is getting him back. I feel like the ugliest person. I dont know this girl and I hate her. which makes it even worst. So after 2 years. every thing in my life has changed and has fallen apart. Im lost. I pretty much have nothing. All of my friend have fallen into the getting old thing and dont want to hang out just like I didnt when I was with him. SO I have nothing to do but sit and home and stew about what happened, and why im not good enough any more. WHAT IS GOIN ON. My heart is broken. All I have is my job that now makes me so annoyed I can hardly be there. IM 22 and I live at home. WOOW that is cool. WHat can I do. Im lost.
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