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Thoughts to Ponder...


On the rag..which makes me feel even fatter than usual. Im 510 so my weight that im at isnt ALOT over weight but it is needed to be taken care of. well I ate better today and Im going to start taking some matabolizers to help me out tomarro.

Food eaten: 1 piece Pizza
Bowl of kellogs red berry ceral
1 low fat vanilla yougert
some pop corn.

things I have done: NOTHING

things to do: burn some CDs take shower hang out with steve. the best boy in the world.

I am totally and compleatly in luv with steve. we have been dating goin on 8 months now and today he brought up if it would be a bad Idea if we moved in together. We both have been really not wanting to move in together but we pretty much do any way...I just dont know if that would be a good idea. I just dont want to ruin this perfect relationship I have with him.
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