Angela (angelwocause) wrote,

long days turn short in a hurry....

I have been waiting for a about a week to see my honey, we where going down to eugene to see his brother, and the days I wait to get him for three days seem like they last forever, and now, its over I had three days to spend with him and now, no more, the days just flew was sooo great to wake up with him every morning!

I had such a blast we spent all day driving and kickin it with steves brother on the day a year ago steves brother was killed. A bad day last year but he will never be forgotten. this year we played some PS2 and ate dinner an wrestled with the kids. it was great, then we spent a day of just laying and doing nothing...movies and snacks. then last night we got all shit faced and we where dorks all night again movies, but the days felt so short. THIS SUCKS I have to go to work again tomarro.

Other than that I went to safeway tonight and I spent 70 bucks, just on stuff I needed!! GEEZ I need to go to the store more often! hehe, well I have to get up hella early, and need some reading time, so latz every one...nighty night!
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