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*More things for tiredness*

Ok, the new job I got has brought me and steve to not see each other for two days! which is probley the most I have been away from him since we got together...its offel I HATE IT, but I really need this job, it seems that now that my friend bobby bailed out on him, now he dosnt have a place to live cause his roomates are crazy, and he needs out!

On the other hand, This job is also driving me crazy... thought I could do this whole vet tec thing, and I really really am having a hard time with the things that I have to do! DOG AND CAT AFTER DOG AND CAT!! Im really starting to get sick of it, plus the 10 hour shifts, with the one half hour break, also killing me, long days! well that is about all that is new, im way tired, so nighty night!
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