Angela (angelwocause) wrote,

*things you would rather do than lay on a bed of hot coals*

I think that im going to start writing alot more now! I have been thinking to my self why are all these things bottled up in my head and then I thought to my self, why not start writing them down again!
It has been about a week since me and steve have been chillen out, and alot of stuff has come up, like we are really compatable, he treats me like a princess, and I cant hardly spend any time with out him, then there is the factor that I cant tell carli, that Im together with him, and I cant kiss him with his roomates there cause they will tell carli! Jon is going to the tool concert tonight with carli, and I was pissed cause she didnt ask me but that gives me and steve to hang out after 11 when he gets off work.
I still have no job, I have been serching for ever, and I cant find anything that will let me go to school during the hours that I do go to school, and have time to sleep, and also do my homework. my money situation is getting really bad an if I want to move out any time soon im going to have to find somthing that will support me getting the hell out of my parents hell hole. Today I hung out with molly, she is soo fun, I really am happy that im starting to make new friends cause Im kinda tired of being in the whole old friens circle, not that I dont luv them, its just I need some less drama in my life, it seems like when ever I make a phone call there has to be more drama! as for me I have been good, and molly was soo supprised that me and jon have been such good friends, and I was sooo worried about him the other day when he was drunk and he was going to drive, and she took care of him, that made me way happy! IM SOO bored, im killing time until I can go over and see steve! welll we went to Janes Addiction the other night, It was a blast, I know that perry ferrel is just a cracked out ol dude but the show was amazing, they are a talented group all together, and the show was just way precise! all the dancers! it was a blast! going to see POD, here pretty soo, and also weezer and tenatios D...I think that will be a blast, Jack black is the man!
need to go, laters, buhbye
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