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Angela's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Angela's LiveJournal:

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Thursday, January 1st, 2004
2:46 am
I have stopped writing in my live journal for about a year now. Since then I moved in with steve and we where in love waiting for the matching cars and dogs. Until about 2 weeks ago. Everything was great our own apartment both of us had great jobs. I bought a new car and was madly in love with the man that I talked about so much in my lj. about two weeks ago we had a falling apart. remember when I didnt want to give my heart to someone that could break it. well that is exactly what happened. He told me that he has fallen out of love with me... WELL at least that is what he said. I was suspicios of this girl that was always texting him. A girl that he useto work with. She now goes to the same college as him, and he saw her all the time. Well away goes me and right in comes her. SO I moved back home to hell on earth. didnt think that could ever happen and now my life has fallen apart. I cant talk to him and all I can think of is getting him back. I feel like the ugliest person. I dont know this girl and I hate her. which makes it even worst. So after 2 years. every thing in my life has changed and has fallen apart. Im lost. I pretty much have nothing. All of my friend have fallen into the getting old thing and dont want to hang out just like I didnt when I was with him. SO I have nothing to do but sit and home and stew about what happened, and why im not good enough any more. WHAT IS GOIN ON. My heart is broken. All I have is my job that now makes me so annoyed I can hardly be there. IM 22 and I live at home. WOOW that is cool. WHat can I do. Im lost.

Current Mood: jealous
Sunday, May 26th, 2002
9:34 pm
Thoughts to Ponder...

On the rag..which makes me feel even fatter than usual. Im 510 so my weight that im at isnt ALOT over weight but it is needed to be taken care of. well I ate better today and Im going to start taking some matabolizers to help me out tomarro.

Food eaten: 1 piece Pizza
Bowl of kellogs red berry ceral
1 low fat vanilla yougert
some pop corn.

things I have done: NOTHING

things to do: burn some CDs take shower hang out with steve. the best boy in the world.

I am totally and compleatly in luv with steve. we have been dating goin on 8 months now and today he brought up if it would be a bad Idea if we moved in together. We both have been really not wanting to move in together but we pretty much do any way...I just dont know if that would be a good idea. I just dont want to ruin this perfect relationship I have with him.

Current Mood: hot
Saturday, May 25th, 2002
7:53 pm
Somthing I need to do.
LOOSE SOME WEIGHT...I havent updated in a while and I thought since I have this thing it might be good to use it...

Day One..."the day I realized weight was becoming an issue"

Weight: 190
Food Eaten:2 doughnuts
a soda
reeses peanut butter cups
2 frozen burritos

If that isnt modivation then I dont know what is!! I EAT LIKE A PIG...I have gained so much weight in 2 months it is gross!!

Things done or exercise: 9 hours of work dishes.

Ciggerettes smoked:LOTS will work down from there.

Personal life: Great. 2 days off. best boy in the world.

agenda: Movie No popcorn. sleep.
next day TBA!

Current Mood: optimistic
Sunday, February 10th, 2002
6:21 pm
Any one like the new Icon...I just got photoshop...I have been playing around with some old photos!

Current Mood: creative
6:03 pm
*V-Day for the both of us*
Finally it seems as though I get to see steve more that once in a long time. Me and Steve have two days off and we decided to do the whole valentines day thing today and tomarro! I cant wait to see what he has planned Im going to go over there in about an hour, and I guess he has the whole night planned for us! I got him tickets to three eleven and he has somthing for me he is going to give it to me tonight! im excited! I think that Im also going to make him a Cd of songs that I pick for him... well I need go get ready for a great night...no more work for a couple of days is just good enough for me! buhbye!
Thursday, January 31st, 2002
10:05 pm
touch down!!!!

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

Sunday and monday are going to be the greatest, I get two days off with my man! I miss him alot, even though I have spent the past three nights with him, now I cant sleep alone in my bed! its sooo sad! Sunday Super bowl should be fun, going to a party with some friends of mine. Work today seemed awful...it took sooo long, and every one was bitching and not doing anything, I felt like I was the only one working! The next few days should breeze by! Need to sleep...Angel

Current Mood: drained
Thursday, January 24th, 2002
8:27 pm
long days turn short in a hurry....
I have been waiting for a about a week to see my honey, we where going down to eugene to see his brother, and the days I wait to get him for three days seem like they last forever, and now, its over I had three days to spend with him and now, no more, the days just flew by...it was sooo great to wake up with him every morning!

I had such a blast we spent all day driving and kickin it with steves brother on the day a year ago steves brother was killed. A bad day last year but he will never be forgotten. this year we played some PS2 and ate dinner an wrestled with the kids. it was great, then we spent a day of just laying and doing nothing...movies and snacks. then last night we got all shit faced and we where dorks all night again movies, but the days felt so short. THIS SUCKS I have to go to work again tomarro.

Other than that I went to safeway tonight and I spent 70 bucks, just on stuff I needed!! GEEZ I need to go to the store more often! hehe, well I have to get up hella early, and need some reading time, so latz every one...nighty night!
Saturday, January 12th, 2002
5:17 pm
*OOHHH so long it has been*
there has been so much going on in my life latley, and I have just been overwhelmed to much to check my mail or see what is goin on in LJ, but I will now try to get this shit done!

work- 10 hour days, sucks
boy- the luv of my life, the sweetest guy ever
other- NOTHING, except I went to see jack black in action in his new movie Orange county... It was a very good flick well the parts that he was in it! THAT IS ALL NOTHING NODDA, but I will get back with something that isnt the normal boring shit that I do every day! YEAH~~


Current Mood: groggy
Wednesday, December 19th, 2001
9:06 pm
Thursday, December 13th, 2001
9:33 pm
*More things for tiredness*
Ok, the new job I got has brought me and steve to not see each other for two days! which is probley the most I have been away from him since we got together...its offel I HATE IT, but I really need this job, it seems that now that my friend bobby bailed out on him, now he dosnt have a place to live cause his roomates are crazy, and he needs out!

On the other hand, This job is also driving me crazy... thought I could do this whole vet tec thing, and I really really am having a hard time with the things that I have to do! DOG AND CAT AFTER DOG AND CAT!! Im really starting to get sick of it, plus the 10 hour shifts, with the one half hour break, also killing me, long days! well that is about all that is new, im way tired, so nighty night!

Current Mood: lonely
Tuesday, December 11th, 2001
1:02 am
*I changed my page..*
any one dig the new LJ page?
12:59 am
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Current Mood: drained
Monday, December 10th, 2001
8:05 pm
*Close to Perfect*
I have had sooo many things on my mind right now and I know that I havent been posting as much as I should be but its going to be finals soon so I have to do all the studying I can...TODAY was great, I FOUND A JOB!! I went and saw steve he cooked me dinner and let me go home early so I can study for my final tomarro and put the finishing touches on the paper that I wrote! Me and Steve have been really close latley it almost scares me that we are getting that close, cause when ever that happens somthing goes wrong, and I get hurt! WELL I went to Kristas, this weekend, and I got a little sloppy drunk...steve was coming over to pick me up so I didnt have to drive which wouldnt be a good idea. But Right after steve called me I went down to the shop where every on was gathered, and I saw john sitting there and he was talken to Jill, being so close to john I sat down behind him, and put my head on his back, trying to keep the swirlys from gettin me cause I was pretty drunk...he kept turning his head so I could wisper in his ear some of the things that I was telling him, then I put my arms around him, and was huggin him, and he turned around and kissed my cheek...It was really weird, but cool, cause I think that it was just a friend kiss, but then I walked outside and I was still holding jons hand and steve showed up, good thing that he knows that me and jon are just really good friends cause if he didnt know how close we where I Think that he would be sooo pissed right about now! Other than that the only bad thing that has happend latley I have been waiting for my jeep top for almost two months now and it hasnt come!! they told me that it would be here today, and now they are telling me another two weeks!
thats about all, NOW I need to go study!

Current Mood: nervous
Tuesday, December 4th, 2001
1:42 am
*new things arise*
I stayed the night at steves last night...ohhh it was nice!
Thursday, November 29th, 2001
5:51 pm
12:08 am
*New things to deal with*
Today was soo relaxing, other than the whole homework thing, I have sooo much homework and I dont know when I have time to do it..

I slept forever today and I was really worried that my mom was going to get mad at me, cause I have been going over to steves like every night, and staying until like 4 in the morning, so I havent had time to sleep between that and getting up to go to school! it dosnt help that he gets off work at 11 and dosnt get home for like 40 mins after that!! and I can never leave him, man im really attached now!

tomarro has been a month since me and steve have been dating, it seems really weird and it seems also like it has flown by, I really was trying not to get really attached to him but he is the sweetest most caring guy in the whole world! so now im attached, that means in another month or so he is going to break my heart, well I dont know about that but there is always somthing that happpens...
well I have school tomarro and also, need some sleep! talky later...

Current Mood: blah
Friday, November 23rd, 2001
4:23 pm
*Dear Dear Diary...I wanna tell my secrets*
Today, my birthday...I woke up and had a phone call from Carli, you know the one that I supposedly stole her best friend...well he is mine now , and I thought that everything was ok...but she call me @ 8 in the morning, and asked me to bring back her stuff, and her key to her appt. and didnt even say happy b day or anything...well then I asked her if she was going to my bday shindig, and she said she didnt know, I was like ok...I do everything in my power to make that girl happy and all I get is shit, well I talked to her sister audra who is also my friend and she said it was just probley becuase she had to work today, and it was hella busy! O well she could have been nicer! well Im relly bored waiting for my laundry to get done..then I have to go see the evil one to give her back her stuff, and then its party time so farewell!

Current Mood: nervous
Monday, November 19th, 2001
12:04 am
*back from the dead*...*again*
well I said that I would be writing alot more... well this was a lie cause I havent written in a long time, well I should be in bed cause I have school tomarro... but here I am...

Things have gotten alittle freaky, me and steve have been hanging out non stop over the past couple of weeks and Im really kinda getting some second thoughts, well some times...

Carli now knows the news that we are dating, and it went better than I thought it would go... taking into consideration that we have been dating for 2 weeks and she didnt know yet!

The things that are starting to kinda weird me out about the "whole steve thing is"...

He worrys about every little thing I do, cause he thinks that Im going to cheat on him, and with all my dumb ass party friends...he thinks that im going to cheat on him with them, and they are retarded!

I cant be real with Carli, and you know the sayings, chicks before dicks, im not really obiding by the rule right now!

I am afraid of commitment, you know we arnt really the dating type, we hang out and chill, and its just getting weird! and the whole him calling me his girlfriend is freeking me out...just becuase!

I dont know, everything is weird right now... well my bday is now 4 days away now that its 12:11 I hope that it will be alot of fun cause all my friends will be back from school...Amanda is home and we should go hang out tomarro...im sooo excited, I think that I might actually fly back with her so I can party and be me for a while!
O well
need to go
ta ta

Current Mood: confused
Tuesday, November 6th, 2001
10:09 pm
9:43 pm
*things you would rather do than lay on a bed of hot coals*
I think that im going to start writing alot more now! I have been thinking to my self why are all these things bottled up in my head and then I thought to my self, why not start writing them down again!
It has been about a week since me and steve have been chillen out, and alot of stuff has come up, like we are really compatable, he treats me like a princess, and I cant hardly spend any time with out him, then there is the factor that I cant tell carli, that Im together with him, and I cant kiss him with his roomates there cause they will tell carli! Jon is going to the tool concert tonight with carli, and I was pissed cause she didnt ask me but that gives me and steve to hang out after 11 when he gets off work.
I still have no job, I have been serching for ever, and I cant find anything that will let me go to school during the hours that I do go to school, and have time to sleep, and also do my homework. my money situation is getting really bad an if I want to move out any time soon im going to have to find somthing that will support me getting the hell out of my parents hell hole. Today I hung out with molly, she is soo fun, I really am happy that im starting to make new friends cause Im kinda tired of being in the whole old friens circle, not that I dont luv them, its just I need some less drama in my life, it seems like when ever I make a phone call there has to be more drama! as for me I have been good, and molly was soo supprised that me and jon have been such good friends, and I was sooo worried about him the other day when he was drunk and he was going to drive, and she took care of him, that made me way happy! IM SOO bored, im killing time until I can go over and see steve! welll we went to Janes Addiction the other night, It was a blast, I know that perry ferrel is just a cracked out ol dude but the show was amazing, they are a talented group all together, and the show was just way precise! all the dancers! it was a blast! going to see POD, here pretty soo, and also weezer and tenatios D...I think that will be a blast, Jack black is the man!
need to go, laters, buhbye
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